Theresa Rapp (Rappsnapper)

I am an on location photographer located in Texas specializing in event and portrait photography. I use no-flash in low-light venues to produce full color and more natural images. No flash photography enables me to take many photos without disturbance the performer or the audience, and make it possible to take unlimited photos because of no intermittent flashes throughout an event.

Being an on location photographer means being able to take advantage of natural light and beautiful surroundings, making your portrait session truly one-of-a-kind. I take individual to large group portraits ranging in age from infants to mature seniors for all occasions. I like to meet with clients, either in person or via telephone to learn what their preferences are in terms of style of portraits, number of people to be photographed, wardrobe, time allocated, schedule, and location. I will be offering several packages on my website www.rappsnapperphotography.com that is currently under construction.

You may contact me at tjrapp@ix.netcom.com for more information and to schedule a portrait shoot.